Team Boquiron Travels: Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Team Boquiron Travels: Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

And I’m back!!! 🙂

After the much-deserved good night’s rest from our long flight the day before (read my blog post about it here), we were all ready to have our first adventure. But first, let’s have breakfast!

The New York Hotel has its own in-house restaurant named Palm Garden Coffee House. We went down around 9:00 a.m. to have our breakfast there. Breakfast was served buffet style. One table served local cuisines such as nasi goreng and… um.. I actually forgot what they were called hehe. Apologies!

Daddy and Mommy both tried these local food staples. But aside from these, the restaurant also served more familiar foods such as chicken sausages, french toast, eggs cooked according to your preferred style (Daddy always likes his malasado, whereas Mommy is allergic to it), bread with butter and jam (the strawberry one is soooo  good!), juice, and of course, coffee for Daddy! Daddy was not just able to take pictures of the food as he was already hungry that morning hehe!

Much to our surprise, there actually was a lot of guests booked in the hotel during our stay. Maybe we just arrived at the hotel the previous night quite late, that’s why we weren’t able to see them? Anyway, it was refreshing to see other faces all around.

Good morning everyone!!!
New York has this grand staircase!
So pretty are the flowers!!!

We went back to our room to prepare for our trip after having breakfast. I was soooo excited for today as we will be going to the hometown of Mommy’s favorite character. We’re going to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!

We took an Uber ride (Weeee!! JB has Uber!) from our hotel to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Puteri Harbour. This was a 30-minute ride from our hotel, and mind you, since there was literally no traffic (we only stopped because of stoplights), it was actually quite a long way.

Daddy already pre-ordered our tickets from Asiatravel (visit their website here) to avoid lining up when we got there, but lo and behold, aside from the staff, there was no one when we got there! Mommy even thought the attraction might have been closed, but no, the sign said open. Probably because it was a Friday and children were still in school?

Welcome to Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town!!!

It was already drizzling when we arrived there, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the sights and sounds of the attraction! Look at me enjoying our visit there!

With Mommy and Daddy at the entrance of Hello Kitty Town
Wanna sit beside me?!
Sitting at the kabisera of the table with Daddy
Super nice mosaic design on one of the doors inside Kitty’s house!
Kitty’s House: living room
Kitty’s house: bathroom. Look at how cute the shape of the bathtub is!!!
Kitty’s house: kitchen. Mommy, I want our kitchen to be as fab as this!
Kitty’s house: Dining area
Kitty wasn’t around yet when we arrived, but I was able to meet Badte-Maru and My Melody!!!
Strolling in Hello Kitty Town. I’m so amazed by the lights!!!
Daddy, can we go inside Friendship Land?
Goofing off with Daddy!

We took a short break from touring Hello Kitty Town. Since it was also lunchtime by then, we went out of the attraction for now and had our fill of lunch. Or it was actually only Mommy and Daddy. I brought my own food eh!

Mommy explaining to me the different Kenny Rogers Roasters meals

I really wanted to see Hello Kitty in person, so after our lunch, we went back inside for another round!

I love you, Daddy!
Dessert at Red Bow Cafe
Cute donuts, but the taste? Daddy prefers his favorite Boston Kreme from Dunkin Donuts. He said that it lacks the sweetness he looks for in a donut.
So many different colors!
They either are cats or teddy bears…

And finally, at long last!!!

I finally met Hello Kitty and her boyfriend, Dear Daniel! I was so excited (although in this picture, I got distracted by Daddy’s phone!)!!
Sidetrip: Thomas Town is located just the floor above Hello Kitty Town, but since I fell asleep here, we weren’t able to tour it that much.

And that concludes our visit to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town! We toured the other Sanrio attractions located in the same building, but since I was already tired by then, Mommy and Daddy decided it’s best for us to go back to the hotel and rest.

Potato chips, anyone? 🙂

Part 3 of my Malaysia-Singapore trip soon!


For more information, you may visit the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town official website here.

For more information, you may visit the Puteri Harbour official website here.


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