Team Boquiron Travels: Singapore Zoo

Team Boquiron Travels: Singapore Zoo

We’re now done with our Malaysian leg of our trip (read my previous blog entries here and here), and we’re off to Singapore!!!

Since it was our last day at New York Hotel in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we decided to do some groufies for souvenirs. Ain’t we a cute family? 🙂

Groufie at our room in New York Hotel
Groufie at our room in New York Hotel

Instead of taking a taxi back to Singapore to cross the border, Mommy and Daddy decided to commute it all the way, despite having soooo many things to carry. It’s an adventure, after all, right? We took an Uber ride to JB CIQ first, passed thru Malaysia immigration, rode a bus to cross Johor Causeway, passed thru Singapore immigration, and finally, stepped on Singapore!!! Sounds easy, right? But no, it wasn’t! The lines in the immigration areas were quite long, and walking, taking lifts, and lining up with a baby in tow and all our luggages were not really a breeze. At least, once we stepped on Singapore, we took a taxi going to our hotel.

For the Singapore leg of our family trip, Daddy was able to book a room at Garden Terrace Hotel and Residences via Airbnb.

So much space to crawl around! Weeee!
We do look like one another, right? (I’m just a shade lighter than Daddy hehehe!)
Strolling around Singapore
Strolling around Singapore
Daddy and I strolled around Singapore during our first afternoon there while Mommy rested in our room

Garden Terrace was located along East Coast Road in the Katong area of Singapore. It actually had two buildings. We were initially booked in a family room of Building 2 (it actually had no name; I just liked to call it that way), but after one night, we asked for a room transfer. Why? It had no elevator. Although both buildings were just two-storey structures, it was quite a hassle for us to mobilize all our things (we brought a big luggage, a baby bag, and our ever-reliable Safety 1st Compa City stroller, right?). The breakfast area was located in Building 1, thus, it was quite bothersome to transfer buildings just to have breakfast. And most importantly (as I needed to update you, dear followers, of my adventures then), our first room had intermittent wifi signal!

The owner herself, Ms. Sue, paints these beautiful artworks decorating the hallways of the hotel
Staircase leading downstairs
Yang Chow
Can't remember the name of this vegetable dish!
Imperial pork strips

Fortunately, when we were having our first breakfast there, we were able to meet Ms. Sue. I assume she was the owner as she was the one Daddy has been talking about when she needed to contact the hotel’s administrator. She was such a jolly soul! She was wearing this happy smile when we met her. She even played with me! 🙂 Anyway, Daddy and Mommy raised our concerns to Ms. Sue, and right then and there, she was able to offer us a new room in Building 1! She mentioned it was a little smaller than our first room, but this was no big deal, as moving in to this new room would serve us much better! Thank you, Ms. Sue!

We were able to move in to our new room at around 10:00 a.m., and after settling our things down, we headed to our second major destination – Singapore Zoo! We got an Uber again going there, and it was a pleasant surprise to have a Filipino driver driving us!

Thank you, Kuya Jun, a fellow Filipino, for a very pleasant ride to Singapore Zoo! We were entertained by your stories of your life here in Singapore! Hope to see you again here in the future!

To avoid the long queues in buying tickets, Daddy bought our tickets from Klook. Klook is a Hong Kong-based company that sells travel activities across Asia, and it is a relatively new name here in the Philippines. The Klook app is available for download for free for both Android and iOS users, and when Daddy heard about it from Tita Yza, he immediately downloaded it and tried it out to get our Singapore Zoo tickets. Daddy said that the tickets here were priced a bit cheaper than when lining up at the gates. At least, we were able to save! 🙂

And so my Singapore Zoo adventure began! Lemme just show you our photos here! Weeeeee! 😀

Excited to go inside!!!
So happy to be here!!
This looks similar to Matsing!
This look similar to Matsing!
Si Pagong... Si Matsing!!!
Pagong 1...
...Pagong 2...
...and Pagong 3!
Happily strolling in Singapore Zoo!!!
Omar the White Tiger was not in the mood to be showy to his guests (he was just there in the grass, sleeping) so we just had a photo op with his cartoon version!
Saw these spooky-looking statues at one part of the zoo
Our Safety 1st Compa City stroller really is very useful! But wait, where’s me? For this trip, I preferred being carried by Daddy! Weeee!
Matsing’s cousins… babboons!!!
Watching the elephant show
Photo op beside a picture showing the different origins of the elephants in Singapore Zoo
Resting at the airconditioned viewing room
Riding on top of Pagong!!!
Riding on top of Pagong!!!
This monitor lizard kept on following me! I think it likes me!
And their necks are so loooong!
This lioness wasn’t in the mood. She just stayed there, not even giving us a look.
Photo op with the lake as our background
Photo op with the lake as our background
Black and white patterns!!!
These cheetahs were just prancing back and forth infront of the glass windows before us
The biggest bird in the world!!
The entire day was so tiring! Good thing my Safety 1st Compa City stroller is made for the job of sleeping! The stroller sun visor helped me get the shade to make my nap comfortable!
Peacocks roaming freely on our way out
Family groufie at the exit sign

And that’s my visit at Singapore Zoo! 🙂 We actually headed to the Merlion Park after this, but that’ll be in another post soon!


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