Team Boquiron Travels: Puerto Princesa Trip Part 1

Team Boquiron Travels: Puerto Princesa Trip Part 1

Just a few weeks after our Malaysia-Singapore trip (which, by the way, I haven’t done blogging about), Daddy, Mommy, and I now flew to the land of the world-famous Underground River – Palawan!

For this trip, since my parents still had some difficulty moving around with little me in tow, we decided to just have a trip around the actual city. Here are pictures to document our fambam’s vacay! As usual, I am riding my Safety 1st Compa City Stroller for my mobility!

We flew to Puerto Princesa in the morning of October 27, 2017 via Cebu Pacific, of course. Daddy actually had to file a leave on this date as they made a mistake on the date they were booking! 🙂

Happy family indeed are we!!!

We went directly to our Aibnb-booked accommodation to settle down and rest. My parents chose somewhere a little away from the city center. Being the outdoorsy people that they are, they enjoy the peace and tranquility away from the city, thus they chose this one from Ms. Joanne. You could view her listings via Airbnb here.

Unfortunately, it was raining the past days in Puerto Princesa, and it was no surprise that small drops began to fall the moment we checked-in our room. Our Day 1 afternooon turned out to be just a rest day for the family at our accommodation. Later on that evening, we visited the newly-opened SM City Puerto Princesa to have Mommy’s iPhone 6 checked (it died suddenly the moment we landed there!).

It was still drizzling the next day. So much for our plans for the first two days of our Puerto Princesa escapade! 🙁 Anyway, we visited Robinsons Place Puerto Princesa to buy our groceries, to just go malling around, and to have my very first ball pit experience!!!

At last, the weather was much better the next day! 🙂 We finally were able to go around the city. The story in a separate blog entry soon!



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