Team Boquiron Travels: Puerto Princesa Trip Part 2 (Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill)

Team Boquiron Travels: Puerto Princesa Trip Part 2 (Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill)

Finally, the sun is out! No more rains here in Puerto Princesa! We can start going around! 🙂

After several days of intermittent rain, Daddy, Mommy, and I were finally given the chance to see the sights and sounds of Puerto Princesa! See, city tours are arranged by several tour organizers in the area, but since Daddy and Mommy have already been here before, and as it is also quite difficult at this point to join these group tours mainly because of cute lil baby me, we decided to have our DIY tour. My parents just researched the usual tourist attractions in the city and made an itinerary of our own.

First things first. To make our tour more comfortable for me, Mommy and Daddy opted the services of a rental car to make our tour much easier. Yes, it is obviously more costly for a group of just two adults and a baby, but for us, the benefits outweigh the financial costs: we are able to handle our time more flexibly, roomier legrooms in the vehicle compared to being cramped in a van together with others, and if you’re a group of five, splitting the rental cost of the vehicle will actually prove to be cheaper than paying the joining fee of these group tours.

Anyway, there are several car rental companies in Puerto Princesa, but Mommy and Daddy chose Rey Car Rental. They have affordable rates for their wide fleet of vehicles you could choose from. Furthermore, they are super friendly to communicate with! Mommy just texted them the night before, and we were able to rent a Nissan Almera the next day! For more information, you could visit their FB Page here.

Rey Car Rental. For all your transportation needs in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

First stop was Mitra’s Ranch. The property is owned by the family of the late senator Ramon Mitra. Most tourists, myself included, only just go to the viewdeck, which provides a magnificent view of Puerto Princesa city down below. There is a minimal entrance fee here (I just forgot how much!), and tourists are required to remove their shoes and just go barefoot (or sock-foot?) to roam around the building.

I’m still learning to walk properly at this stage!
What’s down below?

Since it was almost lunch time when we finished going around Mitra’s Ranch, we now proceeded to our next stop: Baker’s Hill, just a few hundred meters prior to Mitra’s Ranch.

Luckily, we arrived a few moments before the deluge of visitors came pouring in. Aside from being a popular bakeshop, Baker’s Hill also has a restaurant serving very delectable cuisines. Look at what we had for lunch!

Baker’s Hill is known just for its breads and meals, but also for its cartoon-themed park. It attracts many visitors on a daily basis, most specially now that it was on a sembreak that we visited it. Take a look at the pictures Mommy and Daddy took of it!

It was a good thing that we visited these two places on a weekday as there was quite a manageable crowd to contend with. Daddy mentioned to me that when he went there before because of a conference he attended, both places were jam-packed with tourists!

Part 3 of our Puerto Princesa City Tour soon!


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