Buntot Palos Falls dayhike + Pilillia Windmills sidetrip

Buntot Palos Falls dayhike + Pilillia Windmills sidetrip

Weeeeee!!! After our Batulao birthday hike last March 18, 2018 (read my previous post about it here), Daddy and Mommy brought me to a new destination. This time, it was my first waterfalls experience at Buntot Palos falls in Pangil, Laguna last April 21, 2018.

Buntot Palos falls is a 2-hour drive from our home in Markina, so we woke up early for this trip and started our drive to Pangil by around 5 a.m. (Actually, Mommy and I were fast asleep en route to Buntot Palos. It was just Daddy who was awake hehehe.)

Big tarp signage at the road leading to the jump-off

With our trusty Abo (that’s our 2004 Ford Escape’s name, btw!), we turned left from the main highway to the small road leading to the jump-off point in Barangay Balian, Pangil, Laguna. Daddy paid the registration fee (I forgot how much, but it’s just around Php 20 or Php 25??) at the outpost at this left turn, and just followed the small winding road to what the locals call the Green House. It was some sort of a resort where hikers bringing their own cars can park, for a fee of Php 100. We arrived at the Green House at around 7 a.m., had our breakfast, did our preliminary preparations. Oh, I can’t wait to start off another outdoor adventure!

Ready to start our hike to Buntot Palos falls!

With our trusty guide, Kuya Alex, we started our hike to the falls a few minutes before 8 a.m. Kuya Alex was surprised to see a baby like me going into the outdoors! It was his first time to see such a little fellow liking what grown-ups like! Well, I wasn’t planning on chickening out in this new adventure!

Unlike my Batualo hike last month, the trail going to the falls was a much-needed breather. Most of the trail is shaded from the morning sun, thus, it meant a cooler and less sweaty hike. The terrain here is also full of roots, so Daddy was extra careful in making sure that he does not topple over. Most of the trail was of loose soil, except for the parts near sources of water where these loose soil became muddy and all. It was generally a non-technical trail at all.

It took us about two hours to meander through the winding 3.5-kilometer one-way trail distance. I even met horses along the way! There was also a big group who camped overnight at the campsite because they were also doing rappelling the same day were were hiking. Check out some of my pictures of our hike!

Enjoying the trail
The majestic Buntot Palos falls
The “eel’s tail.” It does look like it, right?
Where was I? I guess still asleep, hidden behind Daddy’s head!

Buntot Palos is an 80-meter drop from the top to bottom. Although the water was raging fast, Kuya Alex mentioned that it actually becomes stronger come the rainy season when there is much more water in it. The water right below the falls becomes as deep as 30 feet. On the other hand, I could even wade in the water just near the rocks where we rested. Daddy, Mommy, and I rested first on one of the big rocks and had a quick meryenda before dipping into the cold waters of Buntot Palos.

Finally, I’m now awake!
“Bagong gising” look 😀
Family pic!
With our trusty Deuter Kid Comfort 3! It can fit me til I’m three (or maybe even older!), and has enough pocket space for a dayhike, plus a water bladder!

And that’s that! Since I cannot stay for long in the cold waters of Buntot Palos, we started our trek back after an hour. Here’s our trail route and elevation profile for the trek.

Trail route
Elevation profile

As a sidetrip, we also dropped by the famed Pilillia Wind Energy Farm, or more commonly known as the Pilillia windmills. I actually have been here when I was just a few months old, but since it was along the way home, we stopped by to pay these giants a visit.

My next adventure to be posted soon! 🙂


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