Welcome to My World!!!

Welcome to My World!!!

Hi there! My name is Issa Margaux, though you could call me by nickname, Mags!

I am nearly 7 months old when my parents decided to start this blog of my own so I can have something to look back to and see how my early years looked like when I am growing up and trying to understand the world on my own.

As a brief background about myself, I have parents who love adventures and exploring the world themselves. As a matter of fact, my dad is also currently managing his own blog (follow him here). Well, I guess you already know what happens with having adventurous parents. Pretty much, they have already lined up a series of activities and adventures  for me and this will be what this blog will be all about.

I am hoping to bring joy and excitement to anyone who happens to visit my blog as I create memories from now until I can manage on my own. Happy reading! 🙂


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